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Generation Zzzzz…

The media is a dying industry”  how many of you heard this before embarking on your degree in Communications and Media? I have heard it countless times and frankly, it is annoying and incorrect. The traditional or monologic media has simply changed its medium – but the message remains the same. However, what has dramatically changed is the way in which we access and interact with information.

As a boderline Generation Y and Generation Z person, with parents born into the end of the Baby Boom, I have seen first hand the differences in the way in which we interpret and accept media.


My parents are what Jay Rosen says are the “people formerly known as the audience” meaning that – for example – a newspaper article was written, produced and consumed in a limited amount of ways. However, we – the younger generations – have a myriad of ways in which we can consume media and in particular, moving towards being prosumers – meaning that we are not passively consuming, we are producing, sharing AND consuming with the help of the internet and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and various blogs. As participation is becoming easier, we are also becoming slightly addicted to the immediacy and constant flow of content surrounding one particular topic and not studying the issue in-depth; and this leads me on to the myth that Gen Y and Gen Z’s are lazy by nature. I for one think this is complete bollocks.

Has anyone else noticed that the people who conduct the surveys and produce the information are grey, old, nomads with Dumbledore-ish beards?! They probably haven’t even tried to assimilate with social media. As mentioned before, the information remains the same, it is simply the medium that is changing and I for one believe that the interactive side of media today, enables us to engage with issues like never before as it is conversational by design but on a larger scale, it is collaborative problem solving. And possibly, the most common and globally known example of this is Kony 2012. Kony 2012 is no matter where you stand on this issue, is a prime example of just how powerful social media is and how quickly information turns to conversation which turns to mobilisation and civic engagement which moves to global interest and power. Twitter went mad, Facebook went red with posters and TV stations had the Kony campaign on a loop – it was the outsider’s window to the inside. This is purely the beginning of how we consume media in a forever changing technological world. So, the media industry is not dying, it is re-incarnating.


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